Five reasons why Torii Hunter is good for Minnesota

  • Zach Mitchell
Torii Hunter is coming home to where it all began  AP Photo/ Marcio Jose Sanchez

Torii Hunter is coming home to where it all began AP Photo/ Marcio Jose Sanchez


Torii Hunter has always been a fan favorite, whether it’s been his diving catches in the outfield, or his bright smile each morning at the ballpark, Torii has always been well liked and well loved.  According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, Hunter signed to a one year deal worth $10.5 million:

Rosenthal also goes on to say that the Twins upped Texas’ offer thus being why he chose Minnesota:

— Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) December 3, 2014


Below are five reasons why Torii Hunter is good for Minnesota and why Minnesota is good for him:

1.)  Hunter knows that he’s nearing the end and has chosen to honor his word and finish his career where it all began nearly two decades ago.  Not only is he keeping his word, he’s choosing to go where his heart, not his brain, has led him.  Yes, Hunter could have gone to a contender like San Francisco or even Kansas City to have a chance at getting his first ring, but going back home shows his love for the organization and the organization’s love for him.

2.)  Hunter will be a great mentor to all the youngsters coming up in the Twins system this year.  Whether it be teaching Aaron Hicks or Byron Buxton the ropes in center when he gets the chance, or sharing a few leadership skills with veterans like  Joe Mauer or Trevor Plouffe, Hunter’s experience in the league and in Minnesota specifically will be invaluable.

3.) Hunter gives a spark to a struggling team.  The Twins have lost 90 games each of the past 4 seasons and it’s safe to say that some change in scenery surely wouldn’t hurt.  Hunter provides an up-beat, can- do attitude, that will surely inspire a team with many young, up and comers.

4.) Hunter gives much needed depth to a struggling group of outfielders.  After the trade of Josh Willingham late last year, the Twins were left without much outfield experience.  As of right now the outfield is left with Oswaldo Arcia (now expected to move from right to left after the Hunter addition), Chris Parmelee (an inconsistent platoon hitter),  Jordan Schafer (an average source of speed), possibly Danny Santana (a very bright spot last year, who could also play shortstop), and either Aaron Hicks (an inconsistent switch-hitter turned right-only), or Byron Buxton (currently the #1 prospect in baseball).  Needless to say, this outfield could use help, and more importantly experience, both of which Torii Hunter provides.

5.) At the end of the day, Hunter will be happy he chose Minnesota because it’s where his heart’s always been.  Sure, Hunter may not be an everyday player, but he’ll have a busy schedule taking care of the youngsters and enjoying every bit of it in possibly his last year.  Fortunately,  Hunter compliments Minnesota and Minnesota compliments him.


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