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Former World Series MVP Jose Rijo is Charged With Money Laundering in the Dominican Republic

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Jose Rijo – 1990 World Series MVP
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Former World Series MVP Jose Rijo has gotten himself into some serious trouble with the law in the Dominican Republic.  According to, prosecutors in the Dominican Republic have charged Rijo with money laundering for a suspected drug trafficker.  The allegations are that Rijo has about 80 percent of the assets of fugitive drug suspect Avelino Castro in Rijo’s name. Included in the alleged assets are two hotels and a sports complex. While prosecutors have not yet sought an arrest for Jose Rijo, they have asked a court to make him remain in the country.

Jose Rijo is now 47 years old. In 1990, Rijo led the Cincinnati Reds to a World Series championship while gaining MVP honors. The investigation began as part of a larger investigation involving the kidnapping and murder of a Dominican journalist. It is alleged that the kidnapping and murder were done on the orders of Avelino Castro. This is a serious situation, and Rijo appears to be in hot water.

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