Francisco Liriano broke his arm trying to scare his kids on Christmas

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Francisco Liriano was immediately out over 12 million dollars after breaking his non-pitching arm over the off-season. The Pirates tossed his two year, $12.75 million contract in the trash over the injury, and he is now only guaranteed a million greenbacks in 2013. Only a million! Yeah, I have a doctorate in sarcasm. The big news however, is that Liriano may have not broken his arm in a bathroom fall as initially reported. 

Pirates camp opened today, and Liriano told a much different story than a bathroom fall. Michael Sanserino tweeted this:

Francisco Liriano said he broke his arm when he slammed it against a door, trying to startle his kids Christmas Day.

View the tweet here.

So Liriano cost himself 11 milly, and can’t even throw off a mound for four more weeks. But hey, in his defense, most parents go out of their way to make Christmas morning special for their kids, and freak accidents happen. I am not sure how Liriano is stomaching losing out on that much money, though. The silver lining here is that he has incentives in his contract that allow him to earn back the guaranteed money he lost.



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  • I think every contract should be incentive laced . Get paid for what you do, not what you did in the past. Look at A-Rod what a waste of money. A 270 hitter making 25 mill a year.

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