Giants battery-mates each smacks grand slams

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Never in the history of Major League Baseball have battery-mates smack grand slams until Sunday afternoon at AT&T ballpark in San Francisco.  Both Giants Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner are the first catcher/pitcher combo to display post-Fourth of July fireworks in back-to-back innings giving the San Francisco Giants an 8-4 victory against the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Posey swung for the fences in the fifth inning with the Giants trailing 1-0 and Bumgarner slammed came in the sixth inning.  Madison Bumgarner became the first pitcher in 48 years to hit two grand in a single season; the other pitcher was  Tony Cloninger who did it back in 1966.

Here’s a look Bumgarner’s grand slam:

It was the third home run for the all-star pitcher this season.  After the game Bumgarner announced that he will not pitch in Tuesday night’s summer classic giving up his spot to Tim Hudson.  If the National League team needs a substitute for the home run derby my money is on Madison Bumgarner!

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