Guy Moves Away From Pete Kozma’s Home Run While Girlfriend Gets Hit By The Ball

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Fans generally go out of there way for a souvenier whether it be a foul ball or a home run.  Not this fan, who literally left the woman to fend for herself.  With the opportunity to catch a Pete Kozma solo shot off Heath Bell in the seventh inning, our die-hard fan decided to get out of dodge as he watch that screaming home run ping his lady friend.  I wonder was it their first date?  Maybe he was thinking about popping the question at that time.  Anywho, I’m sure she isn’t a happy camper, especially when she was blind-sided, and wondering why he bailed on her.  Well at least he show some compassion.  Are you alright honey?  What do you think she said?

Protect your woman man!

Honey are you okay?


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