Houston Astros rebuilding, but new owner comments may rile fans

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The Houston Astros are certainly the poster child for a rebuilding franchise.  And it had to be done.  However the savvy fans are naturally impatient, and understandably so.  They’ve lost 213 games over the past 2 seasons, by far the worst 2 seasons in franchise history and pushing the all franchise records if they don’t improve sooner than later.  This less than a decade after their one and only National League Pennant in 2005.  The ballclub has methodically unloaded fan favorites Michael Bourn and Lance Berkman (both went to college in Houston), Hunter Pence, Jeff Keppinger, Carlos Lee (Houstonian), Brett Myers, Roy Oswalt (2nd most wins in franchise history), Wandy Rodriguez (last member of the 2005 team), and Chris Johnson.

So new owner Jim Crane should be wooing and cajoling and wining and dining fans.  And for the most part he has.  But he seemed a little callous to fan concerns in a recent Wall Street Journal article .  Crane said about fan impatience:

“It doesn’t bother me that people want us to spend more money…but it’s not their money. This is a private company, even though it’s got a public flair to it. If they want to write a check for 10 million bucks, they can give me a call.”

While technically true that it’s not a public company, sports franchises really do belong to the fans.  Or at least their fortunes do.  Very rarely do you see a successful franchise without steadfast fan support year over year (Marlins are the exception).  Fans are spending their same $50 on tickets for this team as they were 10 years ago.  In fact, prices were significantly raised for Opening Day.  An Opening Sunday Night that will be nationally televised (probably their only of the season).  But the Space City fans are probably getting restless and probably don’t want to hear about how many million dollars it takes for them to have a say. The money they pay at the turnstile and to beer vendor should be enough.

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6 Responses to Houston Astros rebuilding, but new owner comments may rile fans

  • Ryan says:

    He’s right though. People act like it’s their money.

  • samnbryan says:

    That’s a response you would expect from a d bag or dkhead. He is right…sort of. It’s not our money to spend…but doesn’t that prick realize that if it weren’t for us attending games he wouldn’t have the money to spend. If I’m wrong then someone explain how the owners make their money on these teams if it isn’t the fans supporting them.

  • rbts24 says:

    I’d love to see a pie chart on how much baseball owners make off of TV/Radio vs. Ticket sales vs. food profits vs. parking, etc.

  • Cash says:

    this is just the beginning of “dumb” remarks that will be coming out of Cranes mouth!

  • Clay says:

    I agree with him to a degree. I just think there’s another way for him to make his point. I think the approach he is taking to building the MLB roster is the correct one. I think if he goes out and spends even a little more to bring in free agents, the likelihood that you’ll all of a sudden go from 60 wins to being a playoff contender are slim to none and then all you’ve done is delayed the process of looking at the young guys you currently have in your farm and evaluating whether or not they have any real big league potential. To me, about 80% of the negative criticism being directed towards Crane is pretty silly, baseless, or unjustified.

  • crane basher says:

    well I disagree with you there clay. Without the fans Mr crane has nothing..JUST LIKE He has now.. NOTHING!!.. Lets not forget the DISATROS have never ever won anything anywhere.
    And because they have never won anything that gives them the right to black out over 60 percent of the city??? .. Sorry MR crane but you didn’t PAY FOR MINUTE MAID PARK, I belive the FANS PAID FOR IT YOU BOZO.. and for the record NOBODY cares about the HOUSTON LASTROS!!..UMM yeh lets black out are fan base…LOL genius!!..FN@idots..
    Just imagine all those rich bozos sitting around making that decision. As far as I am concerned pack your bags Mr crane and take your last place laughing stalk team with you!!

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