WATCH: Hyun-Jin Ryu sings on Korean pop stars track, stars in video

Not only can Los Angeles Dodgers hurler Hyun-Jin Ryu toss unhittable pitches with pop.  He can also deliver pitch on pop hits.  The 26-year old South Korean star joined forces with fellow Korean pop artists Trouble Maker and G. NA to release a song to raise funds for charity (blind students in Hanbit Performing Arts Academy).  Watch him sing the chorus with his fellow country-persons, he looks a little less comfortable in the music studio than on the mound (courtesy / United Cube):

Ryu had a breakout rookie season for the National League Championship Series participant Dodgers, winning 14 games while finishing in the Top 10 for ERA, and Top 5 for Complete Games and Shutouts.  For his efforts, he finished 4th in the 2013 NL Rookie of the Year ballot against a strong field.  No word on where this latest project may place him in any sort of Grammy balloting.

- David Whitlock


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