Jeter Hinted at Retirement in 2013

  • Nicholas Persichilli

Credit: Howard Simmons/NY Daily News

According to Andrew Marchand of ESPN NY, Derek Jeter may have hinted to a fellow member of the “Core Four” that he was considering retirement.

Marchand met with retired Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte, who is at Yankees’ Spring Training as a special instructor.

Pettitte talked about joking around last season with Jeter who was attempting to come back from several ankle injuries that kept him out for most of 2013, and Mariano Rivera who retired alongside Pettitte in 2013. Pettitte told Marchand (speaking about Derek Jeter):

He would be like, ‘You guys better retire or I’m going to get on out of here before you guys.

I kind of looked at him like, ‘Yeah, right, whatever.’ But I kind of had a feeling. I just saw a little bit of a difference in Derek seeing me and Mo go through last year.

Even though Pettitte had a feeling Jeter would be retiring soon, the lefty was caught off guard when he saw the announcement on Facebook. Pettitte told Marchand that he sent Jeter a text message along the lines of:

I appreciate the heads-up

To which he got the response from the Yankees’ captain:

You knew, dude

He may have known deep down, but I think Pettitte was as legitimately shocked as all of us were. We knew he couldn’t play forever, but we didn’t think he’d be gone so soon.

Wow, I’m getting old, twenty years seems too short of a time!

I look forward to Jeter’s farewell tour in 2014, and I’ll be sure to catch at least a few stops to say goodbye to a legend.

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