Joe Girardi contradicts his stance on instant replay after claiming it slows down the game

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Joe Girardi has changed his stance on instant replay after the Yankees have been on the wrong end of two calls in the first two games of the ALCS series with the Detroit Tigers. In game one with the bases loaded Robinson Cano appeared to beat out an infield single in which a run would have scored. In game two, after a single by Austin Jackson, Omar Infante clearly made too big of a turn around second base and Nick Swisher appeared to have thrown him out, only to have Infante called safe. Girardi had this to say:

“In this day and age, when we have instant replay available to us, it has to change,” he said. “These guys are under tremendous pressure. It takes more time for me to argue than for them to get it right. I’m not saying Robbie Cano’s safe last night. But it changes the game. There’s a lot more pressure on a pitcher when you’re up 1-0 in the eighth than when you’re up 3-0. I’m not saying that we win the game if the call is right. But in this day and age, there’s just too much at stake. And the technology is available.”

The Yankees find themselves in a deep hole after dropping their first two games at home against the Tigers. Their jobs won’t get any easier, as they have to face Justin Verlander in game three Tuesday night.

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