Joe Maddon Says: Don’t Play for the Nats (Video)

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On Tuesday, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Joel Peralta was ejected from the game against the Washington Nationals after pine tar was found on his glove. The finding came after Nationals manager Davey Johnson requested that the umpires search Peralta. The controversy surrounds the fact the Peralta played for the Nationals in 2010, and Johnson probably received some “inside information” from one of Peralta’s former teammates. After Tuesday’s game, Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon candidly spoke about his feelings of Johnson’s move. Maddon wasn’t pleased with Johnson’s request in the least. He took some strong shots at the Nationals veteran manager. Well, before Wednesday’s game, Maddon continued to address the issue, and among other things, advised future free agents not to play for the Nationals. Here’s the video:


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