Joe Mauer’s Impressive Diving Catch (Video)

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Joe Mauer

Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins Catcher.
Photo Credit: Keith Allison/

At a record of 38-52 on the season, the Minnesota Twins look far from their form of two years ago, when they were fighting for the best record in the majors through the very last few weeks. Bats have gone silent in the offense repellant Target Field, the starting rotation has struggled, and then there’s always the fact that the Twins share a division with the streak-ready Tigers. Things don’t look great for Minnesota as it stands, but there have been a few gems. Liriano recently had a 15k effort (albeit in a loss), Josh Willingham and Trevor Plouffe have shown some loud bats, and Joe Mauer is looking at a come back season. Joe Mauer’s catch Tuesday night that shows there will in fact be a few more gems in this otherwise unimpressive campaign.

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