Jose Canseco has a turtle named “Juiced”

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20140607-093258-34378004.jpgJose Canseco flexes his steroid enhanced arms (Credit: Michael Zagaris/MLB Photos/Getty Images)
Former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco is a strange man to say the least.

A few hours ago he tweeted a picture of his pet turtle, which isn’t all that weird until you notice the turtle’s gold nail polish mohawk.

Canseco was quick to proclaim the fact that the nail polish is pet safe in an attempt to avoid getting flamed by the likes of PETA. Twitter responders have been quick to inform Canseco that this type of animal absorbs oxygen through its shell, and “pet safe” only means safe for pets’ nails.

The weirdest part of Canseco’s tweet is his turtle’s name – Juiced. Canseco is well known to have been a steroid user. He has been a whistle blower for the league and his testimonials have led to several investigations that have led to rule changes and player suspensions.

He’s proud of his steroid past (present?) and he apparently wants some of it to pass on to his “son”. Here’s the tweet:

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