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Josh Hamilton and Zack Greinke headline the start of MLB free agency

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Zack Greinke (photo: The Daily Dish)

Just one day removed from the conclusion of the season, and the business side of baseball is already rearing its ugly head. While the San Francisco Giants are still riding high from their second title in three years, the rest of the league is immediately focusing on who they can bring in to improve their rosters. Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton and Angels pitcher (former Cy Young Award winner) Zack Greinke headline the start of the frenzy known as MLB free agency.

Both the Rangers and Angels are hoping to re-sign these guys, but it won’t happen without a knock-down, drag-out fight involving a ton of other teams. Hamilton has resurrected his career since 2008 and belted 43 home runs in 2012. Greinke won the highest accolade a pitcher can win, the Cy Young, in 2009 with the Royals of all teams.

Other notable players who will be hitting the market in free agency:

Michael Bourn, OF

Nick Swisher, OF

B.J. Upton, OF

Russell Martin, C

Mike Napoli, C

Edwin Jackson, P

Ryan Dempster, P




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