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MLB Releases Statement Regarding Arizona Senate Bill 1062

  • Nicholas Persichilli
Arizona residents protest Senate Bill 1062 (Credit: Cheryl Evans/The Arizona Republic)

Arizona residents protest Senate Bill 1062 (Credit: Cheryl Evans/The Arizona Republic)

Major League Baseball does not agree with controversial Arizona Senate Bill 1062, and they’ve released a statement to that effect. The bill gives business owners discretion to refuse service to individuals in the event that the individual’s actions contradict with the business owner’s “sincerely held religious beliefs”.

Because many religious groups do not agree with homosexuality, any business owner could potentially refuse service to a homosexual couple or individual and claim that the potential customer’s sexual orientation violates their religious beliefs.

Major League Baseball’s public relations department released a statement today to let baseball fans and lawmakers alike know that everyone is welcome to attend Major League Baseball games regardless of their “sexual orientations, races, religions, genders or national origins.”

MLB’s statement reminds us that it is indeed the sport of Jackie Robinson and the league and its teams stand behind the principle of respect for all without discrimination.

Major League Baseball made it very clear that they will not be turning away any gay couples or individuals and they will be ensuring  that everyone is treated fairly as the league will not tolerate any form of harassment of any kind against anyone.

Major League Baseball’s Statement:

According to Halimah Abdullah and Catherine E. Shoichet of CNN, Arizona Senate Bill 1062 was vetoed this evening by governor Jan Brewer. Major League Baseball brings a lot of money into the state of Arizona every year. For better or worse, when a high profile corporation issues a statement in opposition of a law, lawmakers often listen. Although, in this case, the corporation wasn’t the only voice of opposition. Mitt Romney, former presidential candidate and high ranking member of the Republican party urged governor Brewer to veto the bill as he took to Twitter today:

H/T to USA Today for the background information on Arizona Senate Bill 1062.

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