New York Mets relief pitcher helps subdue unruly airline passenger

Traveling by commercial air is always a stressful situation, but not often does it call you to intervene in a “situation”.  Veteran MLB reliever LaTroy Hawkins found himself in the middle of such a “situation” when a passenger felt that an unused seat in Business Class was rightfully his on an American Airlines flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Santiago, Chile.  According to CNN Mike Ahlers, the unruly passenger picked the wrong Business Class to mess with:

Hawkins said a passenger became upset when a flight attendant told him he couldn’t sit in an open seat in business class. “They started to wrestle and landed in my lap,” Hawkins tweeted.  It was the wrong lap to land in apparently. Hawkins is 6 feet 5 inches and weighs 220 pounds.

The associated tweets from Hawkins (@LaTroyHawkins32)

The venerable Hawkins played for the New York Mets last season, his 10th Major Leauge team.  He has 101 career saves, not including flights to South America.  At the age of 41 in December, it might be his last.  Although he pitched 72 games with an E.R.A. under 3.00, there are jobs for guys like him.

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