Nick Swisher celebration antics not appreciated by one Oakland Athletics pitcher

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Cleveland Indians Nick Swisher is one of those guys you either love, or hate.  Love his genuine enjoyment of the game. Hate the way he celebrates in your face when he does well.  The latter is the way Oakland Athletics pitcher A.J. Griffin feels, according to Susan Slusser, San Francisco Chronicle’s Oakland A’s beat writer for 15 seasons and president of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America:

The specific text to which she refers in her article:

Swisher antics: Nick Swisher is known for his exuberance after homers, and he laid it on a little thick on his game-tying shot Wednesday. “He’s a huge look-at-me guy,” said A.J. Griffin, who gave up the HR. “Sometimes, he goes a little over the top. Believe me, I’m aware.”

Courtesy of Waiting for Next Year, check out some major over-the-top celebrating that “might” have rubbed Griffin the wrong way, especially having lost a game on an MLB admitted blown umpire call, and eventually getting swept four games out of Cleveland (which is lovely this time of year).  In sequence, Swisher hit a game tying home run off Griffin with the “O-H” celebration as a nod to Ohio State…
Enthusiastically cheering after a Carlos Santana shot gave the Tribe the lead
Then a little cowboy dance (over the top?)
Thanks again to Waiting for Next Year #WFNY for assembling  those GIFs.
Yeah, if I were Griffin, I might send Swisher a message next time they play (mid-August in Oakland).  Maybe Griffin will have forgot by then? Probably not, pitchers have the memory of an elephant.  Swisher better get a bigger elbow pad.
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