Non-tendered free agent John Axford tweets funny personal ad for his services

Milwaukee Brewers, err St. Louis Cardinals, err, free agent relief pitcher John Axford has always been known as a goofball and one of the more hilarious Twitter users since the explosion of the social media platform.  After being non-tendered (i.e. released) by the St. Louis Cardinals, Axford decided to use Twitter for a personal ad.  Check it out (via @johnaxford):

With Milwaukee in 2011, Axford recorded a National League high 46 saves with the sub-2.00 ERA, finishing 9th in the Cy Young Award race. Since that time, he’s struggled with control, finally being dealt to the National League Champion St. Louis Cardinals at the 2013 trade deadline, just two short seasons later.  He was arbitration-eligible, however the Cardinals wanted to move on.

He’ll be sought after by teams looking for bullpen depth and the price should be reasonable.  I don’t know about the love for films helping much.


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