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Bobby Valentine is flossing in the dugout - Photo courtesy of Cut 4

Now, this is only my opinion… A Major League Baseball manager’s occupation is serious business. The man in charge is responsible for maintaining a clubhouse full of grown men that often have huge egos. The manager must call the shots before, during, and after the games. The egotistical and non-egotistical players that a manager is responsible for often have strong opinions about their team and the way it’s run. A manager’s image, both public and private throughout the organization, is key to maintaining the respect of the players. Photo’s like the one above may not promote the greatest professional image. Now, I understand that everything in the baseball world cannot be totally serious in nature. There must be some time for humor, but for Valentine, there seems to be a tremendous amount of time for humor and other spectacles. Throughout all of the controversies in the Boston Red Sox clubhouse in 2012 that have gone public, one would think that Valentine would be a little more careful regarding the image he portrays.

Then again, who knows…This is the same manager that was ejected from a game while managing the New York Mets in 1999 and returned to the dugout wearing a disguise. Valentine received a $5,000 fine and a two-game suspension for the 1999 incident. Now, again in my opinion, the two-game suspension was way too light, as coming back into the dugout after being ejected as a manager is a form of cheating. Furthermore, I immediately thought that he would lose the players’ respect after that act. The Mets did win the National League Pennant in 2000, so perhaps I was wrong. Nonetheless, his reign as Mets manager didn’t end well, as his team finished in fifth place in the N.L. East in 2002.

Fast forward back to 2012… The Boston Red Sox got off to a very rocky start under Valentine’s watch. They stayed in the news for the wrong reasons. Yet, the Red Sox have come on strong as of late. They currently have a record of 42-37. While they sit six and a half games behind the New York Yankees for the American League East lead, they are definitely in the wild card race. As a matter of fact, they are far from out of the race for the division championship. For Sox fans, let’s hope that Bobby V doesn’t pull too many stunts that cause his players to lose respect for him. After all, this is serious business.

Here’s a look at the 1999 incident:

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