Orioles reach first seasonal milestone

It’s been a while since the Orioles had at least 82 wins in a season. Yup, that’s right, Baltimore has secured their first winning season since 1997. Which was 15 years ago.

In an article on MLB.com, Brian Matusz had some things to say.

“It’s just another step,” reliever Brian Matusz said following Sunday’s 9-5 win over the Oakland A’s. “It’s a great feeling to come out here and accomplish any one of our goals, but there are many more to go this year. We’re not just going to stop here. We are going to keep going and play good baseball.”

This team is not satisfied with just finishing above .500. They’re out for the ultimate prize, the World Series. Showalter has this team playing it’s best baseball all year. They’re focused coming into the final stretch of the season.

Today’s game was a must win for many of the Oriole players. They kept pace with the AL East leading New York Yankees who beat the Tampa Bay Rays earlier today. Baltimore trails New York by one game in the East.

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  • Bill says:

    With 16 games left in the regular season, the Orioles are 1 game behind NY in the division and 2 games behind the As for the wildcard berth. However, the As play 13 of their 16 remaining games against teams that were in the playoffs last year (Tigers, Yanks, and Texas) including 7 with Texas. Meanwhile, the Os play only one of those teams (Rays) with 6 games with Boston, 4 games with the Jays, and 3 games with the Mariners.

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