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“It Pays to Cheat”? Upset Diamondbacks Reliever Thinks So

  • Nicholas Persichilli
Brad Ziegler pitches against the San Francisco Giants on 6/9/13 (Credit: Getty Images)

Arizona Diamondbacks relief pitcher Brad Ziegler is not very pleased (to say the least) about the four year, $52 million deal that shortstop Jhonny Peralta reportedly signed with the St. Louis Cardinals.

You might remember, Peralta missed the last few months of the 2013 season after accepting a 50 game suspension for his involvement with the Biogenesis Anti-Aging Clinic run by Anthony Bosch.

Check out Ziegler’s strong words on Twitter as he calls out the League’s owners after he saw the news of Peralta’s new deal:



I understand Ziegler’s frustration, and I’d love to see baseball be 100% clean, if that’s even possible. I personally don’t think that cheaters should be rewarded with multiyear, multimillion dollar deals, at least not right away, and not until they’ve proven themselves to be worth it once they’ve gotten clean.

This deal may be end up being excellent for the Cards, but I kind of hope that it blows up in their faces. They essentially slapped the “clean” players in the face by giving him such a lucrative deal right after a PED suspension.

I’m 100% positive that Peralta will not be the only player who gets a big contract coming off of a PED suspension, and Ziegler will not be the only player to be upset about it. As more of these stories come to fruition, remember that Reading Between the Seams will be there to let you know!

Nicholas Persichilli
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4 Responses to “It Pays to Cheat”? Upset Diamondbacks Reliever Thinks So

  • Ziegler is a pitcher. Cut him a little slack here. He is not just whining. He spends his life trying to get hitters out. The hitters are on steroids. The Deterrent is a 50 game suspension…and then a HUGE contract by a team hoping that he will either put up same #’s without the PED’s or find a way to beat the testing. Peralta was signed for 14 million per year. Ziegler who is playing the game Right as far as anybody knows is making 3 million this coming season…Ummm EVERYBODY should understand what he is saying here!

    If you are a hitter, you take the risk of getting caught. If they don’t catch you then you will make tons of millions. If they DO catch you…you sit out 50 games, then somebody still signs you to a ridiculously huge contract because OFFENSE will put fans in the seats.

  • The Cardinals are nuts to sign a “former” PED user anyway. Surely the biggest part of their decision is based on his stat history, which is inflated due to PEDs in the first place. If he’s really going to be clean now, they just paid a boatload of money to an average player.

  • position players aren’t the only accused/proven drug cheats, pitchers have been suspended also!!! These hitters are trying to hit a ball thrown at close to 100 mph by a pitcher who could be juicing just the same as the hitter!!! And, if you want to be taken seriously, get your numbers right!!! How do you expect to be taken seriously when, you “cheat” the numbers?!?!?!

  • well considering the suspension is from a 2012 infraction, my guess is he played clean last year and in the playoffs as well, and his numbers were better than before…but, don’t let the FACTS get in the wqay over your uneducated statement!!!

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