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Philadelphia Phillies skipper Ryne Sandberg ate cat food as a kid

  • David Whitlock

Many kids eat strange things under duress.  Thinking about being dared to eat a bug, perhaps invoking the 5 second rule after 10 seconds for a cookie on a dirty floor, or even those dreaded Brussels sprouts off the lunch plate.  Maybe dog food or cat food on a dare.  Nobody needed to dare a young Ryne Sandberg, who discussed his like for cat food with CBS 3 Philly Sports analyst Chris Stigall:

“I did that as a youngster, maybe four or five-years-old, maybe six-years-old. I don’t know. I guess I was hungry. I still remember the crunchiness of it was the biggest thing. This wasn’t a one time thing either. This went on for about a year as a little snack,” he confessed.

Sandberg snacking between innings?

Sandberg snacking between innings?   Credit:

Of course, the National Baseball Hall of Famer’s nickname is “Ryno”, pretty far from a cat.  There have been plenty of feline nicknames in baseball over the years, such as the Big Cat (Andres Galarraga), the Big Puma (Lance Berkman), or even Jim “Catfish” Hunter.  Maybe the Philadelphia Phillies clubhouse staff could play a little joke on the former National League MVP and replace the usual sunflower seeds with some Kibbles ‘N Bits?

– David Whitlock

H/T: Bleacher Report

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