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PHOTO: Yankees Tweeted and Deleted an Interesting Hashtag

  • Nicholas Persichilli


I know that the Yankees are one of the most hated teams in all of sports, but up until now, it seemed like they at least liked themselves.

In a clearly accidental tweet earlier this evening, the Yankees posted a strange, self-deprecating hashtag, and almost instantly took it down.

I know that “Yankees suck” is one of the most popular cheers across the Majors, but I never would have imagined the Yankees joining in on the “fun”. Check out this screen grab of the Twitter gaffe:

20140515-183236.jpg(Credit: Twitter screenshot by Reddit User Senor_Met)

Be sure to give Senor_Met an up vote for his ninja like efforts in getting the screen grab before the Tweet was instantly deleted. He’s a pretty quality contributor in the subreddit.

I’m sure that this was more than likely an attempt at a quick tweet with #Yankees and Twitter autofilled with more frequently used hashtag. I don’t think that the Yankees had their Twitter account hacked.

The Yankees take on the Mets in the final game of the 2014 “Subway Series” tonight at 7:00 PM EDT. The away team has won all three contests so far this season. The Mets are playing to win the season series and the Yankees are hoping for a tie.

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