PHOTOS: Kate Upton works with MLB to find homes for puppies

  • David Whitlock

Three things that I like:

  1. Baseball
  2. Puppies
  3. Kate Upton

Not necessarily in that order (especially #2 and #3).  But combine all three, and you’ve got me hooked.  Supermodel Kate Upton appeared today in Viera, FL, to raise awareness for puppies in need of homes for a “Grand Slam Adoption Event.”  The 22-year-old is passionate about pet adoption and tweeted some of the highlights (via @kateupton)


Baseball fans know the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model has been dating former Cy Young Award winning pitcher Justin Verlander for several years.  Not coincidentally, Verlander and the Tigers were in Viera for the game today.  Fans may not know that Upton grew up in Melbourne, FL, just a stones throw from the Nationals Grapefruit League home.

A great cause supported by Upton; it’s nice when celebrities use their fame for good.

– David Whitlock

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