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Prince Fielder catwalk his way to his 13th home run

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I don’t know who has a more pulverizing swing than Prince Fielder; but when he makes contact with the baseball, bad things for the opponents happen!  Tonight was one for the ages as Prince hit a mammoth shot headed toward the right-field fence and if it wasn’t for the catwalk at Tropicana Field, there is no telling how far that baseball would have gone! It happened in the eighth inning, Detroit up 4-3, Cabrera, who had hit two home runs himself, at first when Prince took Tampa Bay pitcher, Ceasar Ramos for a memorable ride.

Take a look:

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It was Prince Fielder’s 13th home run and 62nd rbi of the year. Max Scherzer ran his record to 12-0 as the Detroit Tigers won 6-3 over the Tampa Bay Rays.

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