R.A. Dickey teaches Letterman how to throw the knuckleball

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R.A Dickey’s career has been anything but spectacular. Dicky’s career starting out with doctors finding out he has no ligaments in his elbow. This led to a dramatic pay cut from $810,000 to $75,000. So out of desperation R.A. Dicky developed a knuckleball pitch that he spend countless season’s honing, while bouncing around from the majors and minors.

Smash cut to this season, and Dickey has been the toast of the town. Slide over Jeremy Lin, there is a new Cinderella story that has been brewing all season. Last night, Dickey continued his unbelievable run with an appearance on the Late Show, with David Letterman. On the show Dickey shows Letterman how to toss the knuckleball, which gets quite amusing at times.

Check it out:


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