Reds Prospect Billy Hamilton Shows Super Speed with Inside-the-Park Home Run (Video)

Billy Hamilton knows how get around the bases on an inside-the-park home run
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The Cincinnati Reds have a super-fast prospect in their farm system by the name of Billy Hamilton. Sunday, Hamilton showed his speed by hitting an inside-the-park home run and rounding the bases in an amazing 13.8 seconds. The eye-popping feat occurred Sunday night. The speedy Billy Hamilton is on pace to break the professional stolen base record for a season while playing for the Blue Wahoos of the Southern League. This guy has an absolutely amazing 109 stolen bases in 87 games. Folks, this is double-A ball, not some sandlott league. He’s on pace to steal 163 bases, which would smash Vince Coleman’s record of 145. Coleman set the record in 1983. Now, 29 years later, Hamilton shows speed that will baffle opponents. There are a couple of things that may hinder Hamilton from breaking this record. One, with speed like this, the 21 year-old shortstop could get called up to the “Bigs.” Unfortunately for Hamilton, the Reds already have a stud rookie at the shortstop position by the name of Zack Cozart. The other thing that could get in the way of shattering Vince’s record is what we will witness in the below video. You cannot steal a base while hitting an inside-the-park home run. Check out this amazing speed. This is truly ridiculous.

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