Robinson Cano Says the Fans Crossed the Line

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Robinson Cano and Billy Butler: Photo courtesy of US Presswire via Yahoo

New York Yankees All-Star Robinson Cano received an awful welcome from the fans in Kansas City during Monday night’s Home Run Derby. The event was held in Kauffman Stadium, and the filled ballpark was overrun with boos and jeers for the American League captain of the Derby team. The ill feelings towards Robinson Cano stemmed from Cano leaving hometown designated hitter Billy Butler off of the American League squad. The team captain gets to pick the participants. As the jeers began, it appeared to be a simple showing of support for Butler. But as the night wore on, the boos for Cano never stopped. As a matter of fact, they were so bad that Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig stated that new rules may be put in place to include a hometown slugger in upcoming home run derbies. In Tuesday’s actual MLB All-Star Game, Robinson Cano received more of the same treatment. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just Cano that felt the heat of the fans. According to Bombers Beat, Cano stated that the fans went “over the line,” by taking out their frustrations on Cano’s family. The Yankees’ slugger and All-Star second baseman gave the following comments after leaving tonight’s All-Star Game:

I knew coming in I was going to get booed. The only thing that I would say that I didn’t like was the way they treated my family when they went to the restroom (at Kauffman Stadium). But it’s part of the game and hopefully it stops here and we’ll move forward.

They were yelling stuff to my family, which is not — I don’t see the right thing. You know, this is a game and we’re All-Stars. I mean, if I get booed, I don’t really care. But I mean, when they start with your family, that’s over the line.

Thank God they didn’t do anything (physical). You don’t want to take this too far away. It takes away the line when they do something to your family. Because it’s just a game. This is the kind of stuff that you want to have fun and you want to go home with good memories.

Fans have the right to boo players. What is unfortunate is that many fans don’t seem to know where to stop. The families of players deserve absolutely no ill-treatment or harassment. Boo the players, not the families. Kansas City is a first-class town. Let’s hope that the actions of a few buffoons haven’t distorted the public perception of the great city.

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21 Responses to Robinson Cano Says the Fans Crossed the Line

  • Unfortunate that these fans are barbarians. What would they feel if their family was disrespected?

  • Wow, those people in Kansas City have very little to cheer about anyway. Cano should have lived up to his word and included their slugger. If he wasn’t going to do it, he should have not said he would. It isn’t that hard to keep your mouth shut. I’ll bet next time he knows better. This is one All-Star game that will always stick out in his mind.

    • Ok… Agreed.. But still, his family had nothing to do with HIS decision.. So why disrespect them??

      • James, I totally agree. With that said, like Joe said, we weren’t there. So, we don’t really know what happened, but I doubt if Cano would have made these statements if he didn’t have reason to voice his concerns.

  • I hope the fans in kansas Are happy now That they helped the american league lose the game their own billy butler didn’t even get a hit at least Cano Got it. I sure hope the kansas fans don’t bring your children up the way the adults acted. This was total disrespect to baseball

    • NL pitching helped the AL lose. Don’t think Cano could have brought the team back from 8-0. Granted Butler didn’t either, but he’s in good company…

  • Kansas City was absolutely disgusting…I never seen such childish acts from adults… U should all be ashamed of your selfs….You can forget about an all star game happening there for a while… i refused to watch after the homerun derby on tues….. Cano is one of the happiest and most loving baseball players there is today and in no way did he deserve the treatment that he got from the Kansas city fans…Perhaps if all there players did not suck….He might have picked one! Can’t wait for them to come to NY!!!!!

    • Ellen, I have been to both KC and NY. NY is a sh*thole.

      • Hi greg! I am not gonna argue with you on that point…much agreed. NY is a Sh*thole :) I am a huge baseball fan and look forward to the allstar game every year…But this one was def a flop . it is suppose to be a fun thing right? They didn’t have to get started with his family… that’s all i’m saying. Def not cool

        • No real proof. Every site that has picked this up is taking Cano’s word for it. And every outraged sportsfan is blindly accepting this as a fact that this actually happened. Sad.

          • Joe, I understand what you are saying as to the proof. And yes, this is only a report of what Cano stated after the game. Cano isn’t alleging any crime, so I doubt if any further proof would be made public. I don’t think it is sad to accept Cano’s words, as this happens at games. Any of us who have been to multiple sporting events has on occasion seen unruly fans. Quite frankly, I don’t see why Cano would have said these things if it weren’t actually reported back to him.

  • Oh geez I forgot how compassionate Yankee fans are. They treat opposing players with the most respect. Pfft please. Get over it cano. Your fans are much worse and way more disrespectful. I guess booing chase utley at the asg is ok though when it was in ny

  • Some fans are so passionate they become stupid..There are a handful of sports cities that have that mentality of behavior all the time. The leagues decision makers should take that in to consideration when picking the cities that host special events. If the fans cannot behave then no hosting venue for that city…

  • The Best part about this is They all Paid to see him wether they like it or not. No one’s Family should ever be targeted and you have to come down on the Fans for that. Booing a Player who cares we all do it from Elementary to Major Leagues it is in the game. One thing I can Vouch for Cano personally is that he will shake a hand and sign an autograph and even take a picture majority of the time asked. Who cares if you didnt get your Hometown Slugger in the Home Run Derby…Did he play in the game? Yes well then be satisfied!! And from the way he was swinging…..No Big Loss Anyway! Leave the man’s family alone!! And For that Yes there were some idiots in the crowd.

  • One of the biggest complaints Royals fans have had against Butler is his lack of power. Butler is not a consistent home run threat and doesn’t belong in a Home Run Derby. The fans also forget that they are not the only ones watching the game. There are other fans out there that don’t live in Kansas City and/or cannot afford to be there (travel). If I’m watching a HR derby I want to see the best (available)…period. Of course Cano is going to put up a zero…the booing was constant…how can someone concentrate…sure it happens here and there in stadiums when a guy goes up to the plate…but it just didn’t stop. If Billy Butler put up a zero, which would have been likely, I’m sure that fans would have given him a thanks for trying BS ovation. The KC fans should also realize that they have a good young team coming up which should contend for a number of years, in a few years. They are going to need quality veterans for the playoff run and every little dent/chip hurts their image as fans and as a city. Hats off to the fans that stopped booing and to those who left Cano’s family alone.

  • Butler is having a good year with home runs this year…but he’s still not known for having consistent power…he would have been a risky pick…as far as all stars go…Adam Dunn, Miguel Cabrera, Josh Hamilton, Curtis Granderson, David Ortiz, Adam Jones, Robinson Cano, Jose Bautista, Mark Trumbo all have more HRs than Butler…Fielder has one less…maybe he should have sat it out???? There are also a number of guys that put up better stats than Butler in the first have that didn’t go to the All Star Game…namely Edwin Encarnacion…the KC fans should have felt proud that they were represented at the All Star Game previously…I don’t agree that host teams should be represented at the all star game…let’s say Houston hosts the big game…are you going to put Jose Altuve in the Home Run Derby????? C’mon people.

    • True but he would have hit more home runs than Cano and Kemp!

      • I don’t think Billy Butler would want to be chosen on the HomerRun Derby team for charity reasons. He seems to be a much better person than that. I guess now Prince Fielder has already chosen one player (from next years All-Star Game city) for his HR Derby team considering the tasteless display put on by the Royals fans.
        I remember when the All-Star game and HR Derby was a no- stess, enjoyable affair. Its suppose to be a fun-time for the players and their families, and a short vacation for the rest of the players. I’m sure the Cano family didn’t enjoy it very much, and I hope no other ballplayer’s family goes through that in the future.
        I personally think that the All-Star game should not determine home field advantage in the World Series. It should be determined by best record, as in the past. Again, there should be no pressure on these guys during the All-Star break.
        Its a game, lets have fun!!!

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