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Ron Washington Says Mike Trout is not Willie Mays

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This weekend, Ron Washington got a first-hand look at Mike Trout, the Los Angeles Angels’ rookie phenom. The Angels took two out of three games from the Texas Rangers, much of which was due to the continued outstanding play of Mike Trout. In the three-game series against the Rangers, Trout went five for ten, with a home run, a triple, two RBI, three walks and four runs scored. After Sunday’s game, Trout leads the American League in stolen bases (31), runs scored (70) and batting average (.357). Not only is there talk of Mike Trout winning the Rookie of the Year Award, but Trout has also and rightfully been placed in the American League MVP discussions. Of course, with Mike Trout and Bryce Harper, of the Washington Nationals, both being rookies and taking the baseball world by the throat, there have been fair comparisons between the two. Now, the absolutely torrid pace that Mike Trout is on has many comparing Trout to the all-time greats. Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington says, wait… Let’s hold on before we deem Mike Trout one of the greatest players ever. As reported by Blair Anguno of, Washington had the following quote with regards to Trout and the comparisons:

He’s not Willie Mays. He’s a pretty good player, but I think the comparisons have to stop. Let the kid play. When he’s been here five years, six years, then you can start doing that.

While some may say that this sounds like sour grapes coming from Washington, the man makes a good point. At no time did Washington diminish Trout’s recent accomplishments. What Washington seems to be saying is that the all-time greats, such as Willie Mays, did this for multiple years over their careers. Mike Trout is a rookie that made his MLB debut in 2011. As fans, sometimes we jump the gun with some of our comparisons. It is true that as of now, Trout is having one of the best rookie seasons in MLB history, but let’s not put too much pressure on him by making such comparisons. “Let the kid play.” Let’s enjoy the tremendous season that Trout is having and see what happens in the years to come. Ron Washington has been around the game for a long time. He has a tremendous amount of respect for the all-time greats, and to make such comparisons at this point would be to ignore the long-term accomplishments of baseball’s greatest historic players. Slow down folks. Mike Trout is not Willie Mays… At least not yet.

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4 Responses to Ron Washington Says Mike Trout is not Willie Mays

  • Having had Bobby Thompson fall in my lap in 1952 at a “very” young age. I grew up watching Willie Mays. There will NEVER/ ever be another like him-period.

    However, regardless of the longevity of Mike Trout’s career, Ron Washington’s remarks on a rival team would have been better left unsaid. It certainly does sound like sour grapes. Mike Trout has been a HUGE breath of enthusiastic fresh air for the Angels and has impressed all including Albert Pujolz.
    It will be exciting to watch him mature.

    • Mike Trout may never be Willie Mays, its impossible. Trout is on pace to hit .340 for the season over 20 home runs and over 30 stolen bases in his rookie season. He did not play the first 20 games of the season and no player in MLB history has ever put such numbers up as a rookie. No one. I am a Texas Rangers fan and I will have to watch his greatness it seems for a longtime.

  • what about Ted Williams, Mike Piazza, Ichiro, Ryan Braun, Vince Coleman, Hal Trosky, Frank or Jackie Robinson, Fred Lynn, etc. MLB has a deep history and you should check it outbefore making remarks like that!!! Yes, Trout is a stud and is putting up exciting numbers, but it’s been done before.

  • Not as a rookie, the numbers I gave you have not been done, you check the records.

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