San Francisco Giants nearly spent 100 million on Tim Lincecum

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The Giants’ Tim Lincecum turned down a 100 million dollar deal

Imagine the sigh of relief the San Francisco Giants organization is breathing right now. They nearly signed Tim Lincecum to a 5 year, 100 million dollar deal. However in a fortuitous moment for the Giants, Tim Lincecum actually turned it down! Why you ask? Well, Lincecum at the time possessed a 95 mph fast ball and was a 2-time Cy Young award winner. He did what any player that probably was being pressured by his agent would do…hold out for even more money. Some say his eyes were possibly set on a 200 million dollar contract. Imagine how catastrophic that would have been for the Giants organization.

Now let’s not forget Lincecum actually has performed very well this post-season in a relief role. But let’s be honest, that isn’t going to earn you the big bucks after next season when his contract is up. Before we feel sorry for Lincecum losing out on 100 million dollars, he’s scheduled to make 22 million next season before he’s set to become a free agent.

Timmy had been automatic the previous four years posting a 62-36 record with a combined 2.81 ERA over that span. Then all of a sudden his record plummeted to 10-15 with a National League worst 5.18 ERA. In fact, it was so bad, that he supplanted his own teammate Barry Zito, for sixth all-time in the Giants record books for worst ERA in a single season since 1900.

For 22 million in a contract expiring year and potentially two World Series rings, I think The Freak will land on his feet just fine

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