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Sean Doolittle welcomes Jeff Samardzija to the football field

  • Nicholas Persichilli

20140705-142426-51866550.jpgJeff Samardzija playing football for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in 2006 (Credit: US Air Force)

Former Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija
was traded to the Oakland A’s last night along with Jason Hammel.

Current Oakland A’s pitcher Sean Doolittle welcomed Samardzija to Oakland with excitement and a good joke via Twitter today:

Before you ask, Doolittle is not an idiot and he is referring to the multipurpose nature of the A’s home stadium ( Coliseum) which is also the current home of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders.

Doolittle was also referencing Samardzija’s days as a Notre Dame Fighting Irish football player. Samardzija was an All-American wide receiver for the Irish in 2005 and 2006, and finished his career as the team’s all time leader in receiving yards.

Samardzija’s stats wipe clean and he will start over in the AL with a 0-0 record, which should be a blessing for him as he was 2-7 with an excellent 2.83 ERA with the Cubs. They just couldn’t score runs for him. The A’s don’t have that problem as they currently boast the league’s best record and best run differential (by 65 runs).

The A’s look to be a force to be reckoned with going forward in 2014. I personally look forward to seeing what they do on their home football field and away baseball fields. Maybe the new home field will make Samadzija reconsider taking his name out of the NFL Draft pool back in 2006, the Raiders need some help.

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