Ten current MLB players who should be first ballot Hall of Famers

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Voting criteria scrutiny seems increased for the National Baseball Hall of Fame these days, with the unprecedented question of players suspected of using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) figuring in the discussion.  Despite that, here are ten current MLB players (as of 2014) who should be first ballot Hall of Famers.  Maybe not all first ballot by the time the votes are tallied due to ballot traffic and some voters excluding worthy numbers on the first ballot appearance to make a point, but there is a strong case presented (including a Hall of Fame “comp” for each).  For the purposes of this list, any player actually suspended for use of PEDs is excluded (Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun to name a couple).  Just being suspected is not enough to keep you off this list.  A minimum of five (elite) years in the league is required, so we’re not speculating about guys like Yasiel Puig or even Mike Trout who have so much career in front of them.  We’ll present in reverse order, starting with the least certain and ending with sure-fire first ballot.  Stats are as of article publication (August 2, 2014)

Credit: National Baseball Hall of Fame

Credit: National Baseball Hall of Fame

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14 Responses to Ten current MLB players who should be first ballot Hall of Famers

  • No to Ortiz, he was mentioned in the Mitchell report, and there is no doublt he was, and still is on the juice. Video game numbers are proof.

    • he wasn’t mentioned in the Mitchell report. In fact, Yankee fans use the fact that Mitchell is a Boston fan and had no Redsox on the list to discredit it. Ortiz name was called out the same time Manny was called out. Months after the Mitchell report

    • He was not in the Mitchell report. Yankee fans use the fact Mitchell is a Boston fan and no Redsox was included in the Mitchell report. Ortiz was called out because him and Manny failed the anonymous drug test in ’03. Since it was anonymous, Ortiz and his fans claim it didn’t count so he didn’t get caught

  • “Rumors” of PED use? Regardless of it taking place before penalties, failed test = “guilty of PED use”.

  • I would add Mauer to the list.

  • What about CC Sabathia?

  • Jimmy Rollins? The numbers just are not there, they mention that his numbers are better than Ozzie Smith. I never thought he should be in the HOF either. Ozzie got in based on his popularity and defense but his offensive numbers were anemic. I just can’t see players making it on defense alone.

  • As far as Ortiz is concerned, he apparently failed a PED test as noted in the Mitchell report but hasn’t been mentioned since. I don’t know how easy it is to avoid positive results, if he’s still using he’s done a great job of hiding it.

  • A couple of guys mentioned still have a long way to go before establishing HOF credentials. Clayton Kershaw and Felix Hernandez need to keep up their numbers over a longer period of time. They are certainly on track but if their careers ended today they wouldn’t and shouldn’t make it.

  • Jeter is someone who some people claim is overrated. Look at those numbers, I don’t know what justifies those comments. Compare him to Ozzie Smith who I mentioned earlier. Jeter has 12 seasons batting over .300, Ozzie one. He has 259 home runs, Ozzie 28, 1281 RBI, Ozzie 793. I could go on but you get the point.

  • Ortiz was in Mitchell report. If he gets in, so should the rest.

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