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The Goose Blasts Clemens

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Roger Clemens was recently acquitted of all charges in his Federal case regarding allegations of lying to Congress about performance enhancing drug use, but not all in the baseball world are in support of Clemens. Hall of Fame relief pitcher Goose Gossage is one of those that thinks Clemens has no place in the Hall of Fame, and he’s speaking his mind on the subject. During a radio interview on ESPN New York 98.7, the Goose had plenty to say about Clemens and steroid use in baseball. Roger Clemens’ name will be on the Hall of Fame ballot this coming fall, and there is sure to be plenty of former players speaking on the subject. Among other things, Gossage likened the Clemens trial verdict to the O.J. Simpson verdict. The Goose is not a Clemens believer. Here’s some Gossage quotes:

O.J. Simpson, did you believe he didn’t kill those two people?…Jose Canseco, I lockered next to him. Canseco is the only guy who has come clean. Like him or not, he is telling the truth. These guys, lie, lie, lie and lie. Roger, I think, is in the same boat. I think there is validity to him using and absolutely not do they belong in the Hall of Fame…Cheaters? Does a test count when you get busted for cheating on a test. No and neither should steroids. There is no place for them in the Hall of Fame.

With all of the above said, Gossage admitted that he probably would have taken steroids had they been around in his day. When asked if he would have, here’s his response:

I probably would have. Steroids weren’t a part of the game when I was playing. Toward the end, we wondered what was going on. We knew something was going on. Absolutely, I probably would have…The peer pressure is what is so dangerous about steroids. It is affecting our kids in high school and into college. These things are bad for you and they have got to get rid of them. If you are lying, shame on you.

The steroids issue hasn’t gone away, and more need to speak on the subject. Until we start getting some honest answers, we won’t rid the game of this significant issue.


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