Tim Hudson thanks Atlanta Braves fans with heartfelt letter to newspaper

  • David Whitlock

Some baseball players get it. It’s not all about the money, it’s about community, fans, team, and playing a kids game.  Tim Hudson is one of those players.  After signing with the San Francisco Giants this week, Tim Hudson and his wife took time to write a heartfelt letter to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, thanking the fans for his nine seasons with the Braves, including two post-season appearances.  Hudson went to school in Braves country (Auburn).  The full letter is available here, or read excerpts via CBS Eye on Baseball writer Matt Snyder.  We present some highlights:

When I was traded from the Oakland A’s to the Atlanta Braves before the 2005 season, a childhood dream was realized. I grew up a Braves fan just a few hours south of Atlanta, and it was hard for me to believe that I was going to actually play for the Atlanta Braves and legendary manager Bobby Cox…

…And to the city of Atlanta and the amazing fans in all of Braves country … my deepest thanks. Braves fans are one-of-a-kind. Your passion to win comes close to equaling that of the players that go out on the field each and every game. But when the team goes through rough patches, you’re there to encourage and cheer and believe that things will turn around. In my nine seasons, we definitely had some very high moments and some extremely disappointing moments. But one thing that I learned is this — once a Braves fan, always a Braves fan. No matter what. And as a player, that means more than you could understand…

…Here comes the part that is hard for me to write without getting very emotional. … Winning divisional championships, clinching playoff spots, hitting the “occasional” home run and winning my 200th game were just a few of my favorite memories in a Braves uniform. But nothing compares with the memories that I have of meeting and spending time with some remarkable children and families fighting battles much bigger than the game of baseball. During my time with the Braves, I met kids whom I’ll never forget. Some of them are healthy and happy today, and some of them are no longer with us. But the impact that they had on me will last forever…

…Thank you … everyone … for an unforgettable nine seasons as part of the Atlanta Braves organization. It will always be a significant part of who I am, both as a baseball player and as a person.


As I said, some guys get it.  Tim Hudson is one of them, and reminds us that baseball is just a game, and there are bigger things in life than striking out the key hitter, hitting a walk-off home run, or simply winning or losing a game.  Like family, health, and community.

Tim Hudson makes time for a young fan (Credit: Seattle Times/Courtney Blethen Riffkin)

Tim Hudson makes time for a young fan
(Credit: Seattle Times/Courtney Blethen Riffkin)

Thanks to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution and CBS Sports for the letter content.

– David Whitlock

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