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Top 10 baseball movie scenes

  • David Whitlock

Baseball has always made for great cinema.  It has drama, anticipation, personalities, victory, defeat, heroes, villains, and lots and lots of humor.  Many a list has been compiled for best overall movies (including this one by Baseball America), but it’s the scenes sometimes that we look back so fondly.  Here we try to capture the Top 10 baseball scenes of all time (at least one, not even from a baseball movie).

Courtesy of SoxyLady on Flickr

Courtesy of SoxyLady on Flickr


10. Field of Dreams – “Is This Heaven?”

The climactic scene where Ray Kinsella plays catch with his dad, which leads to the above tagline (via – Movie Clips):

9. A League of their own – “There’s no crying in baseball”

Tom Hanks delivers one of his most memorable lines as manager Jimmy Dugan in his inquisition of Evelyn Gardner which ends with the tagline above (via – Movie Clips):


8. The Sandlot – “The Smackdown”

Classic banter as the final line of “You play ball like a girl.” was unanswered (via – yesterdaze02)


7. Bull Durham – “Fastball coming”

So many good scenes, but when Crash Davis taught Nuke LaLoosh a lesson by telling the hitter a fastball was coming, the pecking order was set (via – Brian McGee)

6. The Natural – Roy Hobbs first at bat

After Bump Bailey is benched, Roy Hobbs is called on to pinch hit.  Lightning strikes, the cover of the all is torn off, and a legend is born (via – Movie Clips)

5. Major League – Rick Vaughn’s debut

The line “Just a bit outside” introduced, Bob Uecker in fine form and Rick Vaughn announcing his wild presence (via – Movie Clips)

4. Naked Gun – The baseball scene

Leslie Nielson is at his best as this portion of the scene is after he sang the National Anthem, and it goes on from there with Reggie Jackson and O.J. Simpson. classic scene from a non-baseball movie (via – Laurenan69)

3. The Natural – Roy Hobbs knocks the lights out

The climax of the Bernard Malamud novel is classic, even if you knew it was coming (via – Movie Clips)


2. Field of Dreams – “If you build it, he will come”

The initial voices are heard by Ray Kinsella setting the tone for the classic movie (via – Movie Clips):

1. Pride of the Yankees – “Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth”

The final speech by Lou Gehrig (in real life) and delivered by Gary Cooper in this movie, is one of the most emotional moments in sports:

Video unavailable due to copyright claim, here is a link to the scene (via

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