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Top 5 Los Angeles Dodgers Acquisitions Of The Season

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So it seems that Magic Johnson is bringing Showtime to the Dodgers after buying the team from Frank McCourt earlier in the season.

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The Dodgers have been making big moves since Magic has become the owner of the team. Most of them started around the trade deadline, but with the recent news of Adrian Gonzalez, and half the Red Sox team coming to LA we just had to rank the Los Angeles Dodgers acquisitions.

5. Shane Victorino

Victorino was a nice pick up at the deadline for the Dodgers. He’s currently under contract for this year only. So as of now what seems like a crowded outfield in LA, isn’t. For now Victorino will man left field in LA. Victorino isn’t exactly someone who’s going to produce a lot of offense. He’s a decent hitter, but it’s his defense that’s going to help the Dodgers get to the playoffs, and beyond. For now the Dodgers have a run saver in left.

4. Carl Crawford

Victorino’s future replacement came in the blockbuster trade with the Red Sox that was made official earlier today. Crawford will not be helping the Dodgers anytime in 2012. He’s set to miss the remainder of the season with elbow issues and has gotten Tommy John surgery. Crawford is just entering his second year of his 7 year $142 million deal. So he’ll be in LA for a while. Boston wasn’t Crawford’s place. Crawford hit just .260 in under two years with Boston, and provided an fWAR of 0.6.

3. Hanley Ramirez

For sometime Hanley Ramirez was the best shortstop in baseball. That was 2-3 years ago, and now Tulowitzki is, but Ramirez is still in the top 5 of MLB shortstops. Since joining the Dodgers Ramirez has batted .306 with 6 home runs. Compared to his 14 in his duration with Miami. ESPN has noticed the value Ramirez has provided the Dodgers. Snagging him before the trade deadline came out of no where, and will help LA now and in the future.

2. Adrian Gonzalez

Gonzalez had a really great 2011 with the Red Sox, but struggled early in 2012. That is until the calender turned to July. Where he batted .372 with a .385 OBP. Gonzalez is now coming back to his old self with his August numbers. What’s good for the Dodgers is that they now have 5 more years with him after this season. He costs a lot, but ownership knows he’s worth it.

1. Matt Kemp

Okay, I cheated. Matt Kemp wasn’t acquired by the Dodgers this season. But Kemp did come off the DL a few times this season, and as the Dodgers best player every time he enters the line up it’s a plus. Well duh. Kemp was having an MVP season before he hit the DL, but he’ll still finish with some nice numbers to end the year. That’s how good his first month and a half was. All that matters now to Kemp and the Dodgers is if they’ll beat out the Giants in the National League West.

That is the reason Magic made all these big acquisitions anyway.

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