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The Top 10 Changes In MLB I Would Make If I Were Commissioner

  • kcmac38

Allan Huber “Bud” Selig  has just completed his twentieth season as Commissioner of Major League Baseball.  I am here to tell him that the league itself needs a facelift!   No longer do I want to sit and watch the game I love commished by the likes of a PUPPET!  Mr. Selig, you are a former owner, so its fitting that your interest only favors the other 30 owners.  The game has passed you by and there has been numerous times when baseball fans across the country were in dismay with some of the decisions made in your long tenure as commissioner.  I believe it’s time that I take the initiative in helping “Bud” pack up his rubbish and exit stage left!   Major League Baseball needs to make a change, to find their own Roger Goodell, and his name is LeRoy McConnell III.  If I were Commissioner for only a day here are my top ten changes that would benefit Major League Baseball.


10.  Baseball Salary Cap

First off, there will be no RETRACTING TEAMS.  Everyone gets to keep their jobs! Baseball isn’t watered down, we just have frugal owners who have no business owning a professional team (not referring to the Oakland A’s).   The New York Yankees led Major Leagues in team payroll with a little under $200 million in salaries.  The Oakland A’s payroll was around $55 million and they both made the playoffs. The myth of spending money does not guarantee you a World Series championship; but it is important that each franchise put a competitive team on the field.  So I am implementing a cap that each team must spend a minimum of $100 million dollars.  Guys, we are in the 21st century and $100 million dollar payroll should guarantee that each team has a franchise player or two that a team can build around.  If an organization does not meet the minimum $100 million requirement, then they will be fined and pay the difference to make up the 100 million.  Example.. If they spend 60 million, then they owe the league 40 million to make up the difference.  No more fattening of the owners pockets while fans have to watch double A baseball 81 nights a year.

9.  All Star GameThis Time It Counts!  Really?

The home-field advantage for the World Series each year goes to the league that wins the all-star.  Sorry “BUD”, this is BULL$#@T!  I do have to give you credit on one aspect.  If you want fans talking about your sport you have done an excellent job of getting ESPN, newspapers, and sports talk radio conversing about your product.  Fans have complained about this issue as much as getting a playoff series in college football.  Thank Melky Cabrera, the MVP of the 2012 All-Star game and P.E.D user, for getting the home field advantage to the National League.  NO MORE HOME FIELD advantage for the World Series, it is an exhibition game and that’s all.    The winner of the All-Star games gets an ATTA BOY!

As the new Commissioner, I suggest we stop worrying about tradition.  It will be fun to see an All-Star game that showcases American born players versus All-World born players.  Another suggestion would be to let the Player in each league that LEADS in popularity votes pick their own team.  This would allow ball players to play with the opposite league.  It sounds wacky but remember it is an exhibition.

8.  Move The Season Back To 154 Games

1961 was the first year Major League Baseball adopted a 162 game season.  The reason for adding the eight games was expansion.  Really, we have expanded four additional times since the ’90s and there were no expansion there. Don’t believe the hype, it is all about money.  Omitting eight games from an already long season will never happen, especially when there is money involved but it will make the remaining 154 games that more important.  If you are so worried about tradition, then consider the 154 games.  It didn’t hurt the stats of a Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, or Willie Mays.

7.  Wild Card Playoff

“BUD”, you almost got this one right. Smart move on the Wild Card playoffs.  I believe it brought excitement to the sport but a one game winner take all in baseball does not work for me.  This is not March Madness.  As the new Commissioner, I implement Wild Card series that involves the best of 3.

6.  Home Run Derby

Lets go back to 2008 All-Star Home Run Derby in Yankee Stadium, when Josh Hamilton hit an unbelievable 28 home runs in the first round only to finish second to Justin Morneau’s 22 home runs in two rounds. Josh lost because he only hit 4 homers to Morneau’s 9 in round two.  America, you do the math.  The winner of the home run derby goes to the player who hits the most home runs.  That should settle all the confusion there.

5.  Inter-League Squad Games

“BUD”, I appreciate you giving the fans inter-league baseball.  It was a genius idea on your part and it gives us fans a chance to see teams we normally don’t see on a regular basis.  I do believe a change or two will make inter-league a little more interesting. I will implement visitor rules during interleague games during the regular and post-season. DH in National League parks and no DH in American League parks. I am represented by an American League team, and I think it would be more enjoyable to see the game played by National League rules.   It would be fun to see the American League pitchers bat in front of their home crowds and it would also be a treat to see a designated hitter in the National League stadium.

4. Instant Replay 

Human Element my a$$!  Stop it, stop flirting with the idea of instant replay and implement it already.  The game deserves the call to be right.  There are times when the naked eye needs a second look, and I don’t see any shame in that.  We all remember June 2010, when Armando Galarraga, of the Detroit Tigers, was stripped of a perfect game with two outs in the ninth inning by first base umpire Jim Joyce.  With instant replay, Jim Joyce would have avoided humiliation; while Armando Galarraga would have gotten his well deserved perfect game and forever have his name in the record book.  As the new Commissioner I implement instant replay. It is important for our gamblers out there and we don’t want .

3.  League wide double headers

Twice a year Major League Baseball will implement a day night doubleheader.  The first doubleheader will be on Memorial Day and the second one will be an inter-league play on July 4th.  This game will be for the fans as they will be charged for the price of single admission.




2. P.E.D.s  

Sorry Bud, you don’t get a pass on STEROIDS.  You sat there with a blind eye, knowing that your product was tainted.  You and the rest of the major league owners benefited just as much as the players did, financially.  For years, fans enjoyed watching ball players swinging for the fences, putting up video game stats, breaking what use to be sacred records while you heard the rumblings of cheating in your sport.  What did you do about it?  NOTHING!  Since you allowed this to happen, each professional game played will officially stand in the record books without an asterisk.  I don’t want P.E.D.s in the game, so as commissioner, I am implementing from here on out that if any players get caught using P.E.D.s there will be an automatic termination from Major League Baseball for two years.  I have also decided that the accused contract will be voided.  After a two-year ban, the suspended ballplayer can file for reinstatement.  Enough with the three strikes and you’re out!

1. Baseball Diamond  Dimensions

I have never understood why all of the Major League stadium have different field dimensions.  When you walk into an NBA arena, each court is 94 ft long, the 3 point line is 23 ft and the rim sits at an even 10 ft.  When you walk in a NFL stadium, the field is 120 yards long (end zone included) and 53.5 yards wide.  How come each baseball stadium dimensions are different?  I believe each stadium’s dimensions need to be the same, why should some ball players get an advantage of hitting a home run out because of a short right or left field and not everyone else.  My last implementation as Commissioner of Major League Baseball will be to demand all left fields be measured at 330 ft, centerfields will be 400 ft and right fields will be 330 ft across the league.


As the Commissioner for a day I know some of my changes aren’t popular to some, but they are mine suggestions.  Tell me what would you do different?


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7 Responses to The Top 10 Changes In MLB I Would Make If I Were Commissioner

  • Good Stuff overall … Here’s my two cents

    10. LOVE IT!!…Should be implemented immediately

    9. Indifferent…No real problem with the ASG but can see the arguemnt

    8.+3. I would leave it at 162 Gms but include MORE DoubleHeaders … Miss those … And they can shorten the season by a few days … Memorial Day AND Labor Day as well as 4th of July and a few other days … I know its about the Money but these owners make enough money

    7. 2 Out of 3 would be better but it might give too much rest to the Division Champs … Plus the 2nd Wild Card team is lucky to be there so I don’t have a big issue with only one game

    6. The Derby – I see your point but respectfully disagree … Yes Hamilton and some others have been “The Show” over the years and have not won but you have to have ‘Head-to-Head’, makes it more exciting

    5. Like it…Pitchers should hit in their own Parks

    4. LOVE IT!!!!..We NEED it!!!!..If Little League can do it, so can MLB!!
    3. See above w/8

    2. Nice…2 Year Bans would kill it but sadly the Players Union would never sign off on such an extreme measure

    1. Again, respectfully disagree … I don’t want everything to be ‘Cookie Cutter’-ish … I don’t want to go to Fenway and see no Green Monster … I WANT to see that Wall, I NEED to see that Wall (Paraphrasing Jack Nicholson there but you get the point…lol) … And I hate The ‘Sawks’ but Fenway is awesome …

    I love the Quirks in Miami’s Walls and the short porch at The Stadium and the funky corners at Wrigley … Each Ballpark should have its own Uniqueness … It’s why people like me would LOVE to see a game in every Ballpark before passing on … If they were all the same, who would care?? … But all in all, you’d make a pretty good Commish!! … 😉

  • Scott, thank you for your input, I am glad some points were in my favor. I couldn’t imagine that all my positions would be popular. On #1, keep the design just make all the distance the same. The players union is too powerful, Goodell and Stern don’t put up with union crap. 162 games is hard to justify taking away from because of money, my least favorite one, I should of replaced that one with the strike zone where all the strike zones must be called he same way. Too many umpires using their own method. Hey Scott, I really appreciate the input and thanks for the support and I hope you are able to read more articles on our site. Once again Thanks!

    LeRoy III

  • Hey Leroy, great list and overall I rate it a B+. Here are a few of my thoughts:

    #10. I like the salary cap idea, but what about the people who over spend. I mean since the minimum is $100 million, should their not be a cap as to the limit they can spend?

    #9. I’m on the fence about the current state of the ASG and yours. I’m torn.

    #8. I like this idea. And no more November baseball.

    #7. This would be easier to do with 154 game schedule, and I like it.

    #6. I also think the HR derby should be about who hits most.

    #5. I disagree on this. I think it’s time for baseball to make up its mind on whether both leagues have the DH or they don’t.

    #4. Instant replay is touchy. ESPN had a pretty good article on it today about certain situations and replay. I say check it out.

    #3. I have no comment on this one.

    #2. I like the idea, but as stated above the players union won’t take that crap. You say Godell and Stern don’t take that, ask them who has a better union? NFL/NBA or MLB. The MLBPA is the STRONGEST union in all of sports.

    #1. This is also disagree and here is why. Some stadiums (ATT Park for example) don’t have ample land to build the same dimensions as other parks. Dodger Stadium for example has a massive amount of land, and can do what it wants. But ATT Park is pretty much on landfill on top of the bay. Doesn’t work.

    Great article BTW.

    • Will

      Thanks for your input, I am glad that we have some likes, I know the Union is the best in the world and humanly impossible to change just about anything. The dimensions though. I don’t want to mess with the design of the park but each diamond should be the same. Level the playing field across the board. Like I mention for football and basketball there is no question. I don’t understand why they can’t be the same. On the salary cap, just because you spend money doesnt mean you are going to win it all. Its how you spend. I just think its important to have parity just like football. Each team should have a superstar and baseball is not even close to doing so. Thanks for the support Will, and if you get a chance check out some of the other list on the site and tell me what you think.

      LeRoy III

  • Mac, you hit some good nails there. I really like the diamond dimension. It really isn’t fair that a guy who plays in Colorado with shorter Walls in distance and height can win the home run crown for the year. All stadiums need to have comparable lengths with each venue. Colorado would be different with the altitude and maybe should be 10 to 20 feet longer. When you have a left field that is 315 ft. and you play 81 games there, then you will probably have more dingers than the guys playing in a stadium with a left field wall that is 385 ft.. All sports are about money. The fans take a backseat to the business. In the 70’s and early 80’s, players played the game for the fans and for the thrill of the game. Now, some players think they need more money than the next because they had a better average the year before. I don’t think contracts should be guaranteed. If you get hurt the first week of the season, then you don’t get your full check. I say cut it in half. I’m all about “pay by performance.” All players need to have incentives in their contract which would make them play better all season long. I know some players have incentives but the ones that do, already make too much money in the first place. Make the same incentive for every player. This will make them work much harder and play much better every game. I’m with you on another point. I would like to see “Americas” best ball players, play the “Internationals” best players. The Dominicans and Cubans have some high quality ball players that would give the U.S. born players a run for their money. I have more and will get back at ya later. Peace, G.G..

    • Galvin

      Thanks for the response, Dang, that paid for performance should have been in there! I went blank on that and with the AROD situation that should have been fresh on the mind.

  • -10. Baseball Salary Cap
    I really like this idea. This will force owners to spend enough money to stay competitive while not restricting owners that want to spend more
    -9. All Star Game-This Time It Counts! Really?
    I totally agree this is a dumb rule to try and keep it competitive
    -8. Move The Season Back To 154 Games
    Absolutely they season is way too long and baseball should not be still playing in November. The reason the baseball season was so long was to see who the best teams were so that the 2 best teams would face each other for the World Series. Now with so many teams making the playoffs the season does not have to be this long. (This is a perfect transition into..)
    -7. Wild Card Playoff
    Completely disagree with the WHOLE playoff format. It is broken! Let me give you a scenario.. the last game of the 2012 regular season the Yankees lose and the Orioles win (that means they are tied for the best record in the American League) then one of them are forced into a 1 game playoff while the Tigers who had the 7th best record in the American League (yes let me repeat that. SEVENTH best record) are automatically in the playoffs how does that make sense. Winning your division should not guarantee a playoff spot. It should be the 4(FOUR) best teams(by record) in each league make the playoffs. The season is long enough were you know who the best teams are by their record.
    Another thing that is wrong is the home-away format of the playoffs. In a 7 game series the team with home field advantage should be home for games 1,2,5,&7 (a 2-2-1-1-1 format) because in a 2-3-2 format the team with home field advantage is at a disadvantage. (if home team wins out the first 5 games the team with home field advantage faces back-to-back must wins)
    -6. Home Run Derby
    Absolutely agree.
    -5. Inter-League Squad Games
    Totally disagree. Baseball should implement the DH rule for the National League. The pitcher is not a hitter, he is a pitcher. He gets up to bad and he is out. I’ve also seen pitchers careers ruined because of being forced to hit in interleague play (Example: Chien-Ming Wang, was the Ace of the Yankees pitching staff after starting his career with a 54-20 record also recording back-to-back 19 win seasons until he hurt is leg running the bases in a 2008 game in Houston and was never the same pitcher.)
    And now with an unbalanced number of teams in each league interleague play will be year round. I think this is a problem. Their should be very few if any interleague games. Instead their should be more games with in your own league to help see who deserves to make the playoffs.
    -4. Instant Replay
    Totally disagree. As players, coaches, umpires, & fans we want every call to be right but having machines be the umpires is not the answer. The Human ELEMENT (not error) is part of the game. Instead they should work on getting the umpires better and maybe having more umpires for each game. Umpires should be graded and only the very BEST umpires should be officiating playoff games.
    -3. League wide double headers
    I really like this idea.
    -2. P.E.D.s
    I like this idea.
    -1. Baseball Diamond Dimensions
    Totally disagree. This is one of the reasons baseball is great because it is not “cookie-cutter” every park you go to has different corks that make the stadium it’s own special place.

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