Touching MO-ment As Rivera Leaves Yankee Stadium Mound For Last Time

  • Nicholas Persichilli

Rivera's Last Game In Yankee Stadium (courtesy of

There was not a dry eye in the stadium tonight, including those of legendary Yankees closer Mariano Rivera. I hope that this isn’t news to any of you, but Rivera is retiring at the end of this season. Tonight was the last time that Mariano Rivera will ever pitch in Yankee Stadium.

There was a very touching moment with two outs in the top of the 9th inning today when Rivera was pulled for a reliever. Two other members of the Yankees’ “Core Four” came to get Rivera. Andy Pettitte, who is also retiring at the end of the season came out to a standing ovation with captain Derek Jeter to get the greatest closer of all time mid-inning. Pettitte pointed to his right arm to call in reliever Matt Daley. He then gave Rivera a long, emotional hug. Jeter was next to hug Rivera who was clearly in tears. There was a very long moment on the mound. Thankfully the umpires just let it happen and didn’t try to rush this historical moment.

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Rivera came back out for a curtain call, and between innings, Pettitte also came out for a curtain call. After the game, Rivera sat alone in the dugout for quite awhile. When he came out, the crowd was still standing and cheering his name. He knelt down on the mound and collected some dirt for memory’s sake.

It’s finally setting in that he’s done. We’ve known about it all year, and he’s been being celebrated for months as the greatest of all-time. I don’t know why it took this long, but it is just setting in tonight. I’m a grown man, and I’ll admit to you right now that I cried. I didn’t cry a lot, but there were some tears. I’m still incredibly sad. It’s not necessarily the last time that we’ll see him pitch, but it’s the last time at Yankee Stadium.

Thanks for everything Mo! Every time that I hear “Enter Sandman” by Metallica for the rest of my life, I’m likely to get a bit emotional.

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