Ump shows Yasiel Puig how to pimp HR (MLB: The Show 14)

  • Nicholas Persichilli

We all know that Yasiel Puig is fond of the bat flip and HR pimping. We’ve seen him do it several times over the last two seasons.

The developers of Playstation exclusive MLB: The Show 14 have had some fun with Puig’s antics as they’ve added a cutscene to the game in which an umpire shows Puig how it’s done. Check it out:

This is hilarious! Could you imagine an ump doing this in a real game? How do you think Puig would react?

These cutscenes occur when the player doesn’t pause the game and doesn’t throw a pitch for 30 seconds or more. There are several different scenes that rotate by position, usually portraying players acting bored.

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