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Umpire Jerry Meals Loses Game For Yankees

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In an AL East Divisional match-up between the New York Yankees, and Baltimore Orioles, umpire Jerry Meals costs the Yankees a chance at a victory. With one out in the top of the ninth inning, and the Orioles leading 5-4 in a crucial divisional game between the two teams, umpire Jerry Meals absolutely blew a game-ending call, costing the Yankees the tying run, and their one-game lead in the AL East. Mark Teixiera stepped to the plate with one out, and runners on the corners, and hit a hard ground ball to first base. On an injured calf, Teixiera hustled down the line and dove into first, expecting to avoid the game-ending out… Jerry Meals didn’t see it that way apparently.

Here is a snapshot courtesy of SI’s Jimmy Traina:

As you can see Mark Teixeira is clearly safe in this photo. However, first base umpire Jerry Meals doesn’t agree with you, or me. Teixeira was called out, resulting in a game ending double play. Calls like these can’t be made in a series that could eventually decide first place in the American League East. Especially when these teams were a game apart before the game began. It’s just that simple.

Bud Selig clearly needs to realize that baseball needs a full instant replay system, and not just on foul ball home runs. If they could install a system similar to the NFL, then that would be great. Three challenges a game, and umpires will need to go to the booth during the 9th on any questionable calls.

Meals blew this call last season in a game between the Pirates and Braves.

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17 Responses to Umpire Jerry Meals Loses Game For Yankees

  • jerry meals is a pathetic umpire !..he is terrible behind the plate & worst calling plays on bases.he is like the other horror show “balking”bob davidson,another terrible ump who thinks he is always right !

    • This umpiere should be fired or suspended that was horrible.What the MLB is waiting to stablish the instan reply, little league is ahead of mayor league in this aspect.I agree with Robbie Rogers a 100%.

      • It is not the umps fault.. it is Emperor Selig… Instant Replay is needed now.. but FIFA is stubborn as well.. use technology or lose younger fans.

  • As a Bird fan, and a fan of Mark’s(he is from local area), and a fan of
    good baseball, the call was blown. Over 162 they say they even out. But
    the Jetter homerun back in playoff series that was interfered with by
    fan not only changed that game, the series, and posssibly the world championship in 97, and how O’s did a freefall from that point into base-
    ball hell for years. So tommorow they will play again, and we will watch,
    bitch about umpiring, this guy sucks, that guy can’t pitch, look how so slow he is,etc. Play ball

    • The Jeter home run would probably not have been a home run in today’s game with home run instant replay. There are no excuses for such a terrible call, and you can’t justify it with that Ken.

  • I find it hilarious that the fans can be so up in arms. Umpiring has been deciding games all year. Yes. Teixeira was safe. Yes, the ump blew the call. But did that ONE play cost them the game? What about the 5 runs given up by Yankee pitching? What of the 4 runs scored by the rest of the team? They have been playing bad for over a month, blowing a 10 game lead in a month, yet this ONE game will decide the outcome of the year?

    For years these calls have been going NY’s way. Recall the 97 play off’s and the ball interferred with by the kid in the stands? Happened again earlier this year, also. Now that there is actually calls going against them, they cry about it. Hey Jeter, how’s the hand that was “hit”? I guess he’s a better actor the Tex.

    • You’re right. It didn’t lose the game outright. However, it lost the Yankees the game where they were going to be tied in the top of the 9th inning.

  • After all the calls that umpires give the New York Yankees, just because they are the New York Yankees, this call is well deserved. Can it.

  • You’re right on the money Robbie. That was an absolutely pathetic, horrible call! Meals was right on the play and completely blew it! Almoet makes you wonder if the umps had an axe to grind with Texiera since he had a few words with the plate umpire after a ridiculous 3rd strike call that was clearly outside and would have put Tex on base with a walk. No way that 1st base call should happen in an important (or any other) game like this. Umpires have a tough job but they should be held accountable when they screw up like that. Let THEM get suspended one time. I completely agree with Joe’s article. Baseball needs to institute more of the replay rule, this is 2012 not 1912. Give the managers 2 or 3 challenge flags and let them appeal a call just like the NFL who came out of the dark ages years ago.

  • it is great to see that everyone is an umpire and in a split second make a call that then is replayed over and over to see the outcome. Bad calls happen and sometimes they go your way and sometimes they don’t. what they need to do is get rid of instant replay altogether and let the game be played with human error in it like it has been for over 100 years.

  • I’m a high school umpire and we all know that we all make mistakes, but what I do not know is why they do not get together and turn the call, plate umpire must trail the runner to first that is his responsibility, manager must then ask for help from umpire that is making the call an as a professional courtesy they must go for help and get the call right, we do not need instant replay what we need is good sense of judgment and do the right thing.

    • Douglas,
      I also am a high school umpire and I think you have the wrong idea. With runners at the corners, I am not trailing the play to first, I am watching the runner cross home plate just in case the runner is safe at first. Secondly, the only way we get together to discuss a call is if the umpire that is responsible for the call asks for help. That wasn’t going to happen in this case.

    • Doug, Why try to inject logic and clear thought into this string. O’s fans are delighted because of what happened over a decade ago with Jeffrey Mayer and Yankee fans are enraged beacuse of the blown call. As a Yankee fan, I’m more concerned about seeing Joe Girardi just standing in the dugout and staring out at the play, then going Rambo in the clubhouse with reporters. Tha passion belongs on the field where his players and the Oriole players trying their hardest.

  • I am a Yankee fan and it is heartbreaking to not be able to win a game because of that call, but the Yankees have become a very mediocre team and do not belong in the playoffs.

  • I am an Oriole fan and it was obviously a blown call. The ump missed it. But, I am shocked about how most of these Yankee fans will not admit that the Yankees do get a lot of these calls,especially in their park. How about the game where the fielder went in to the stands and the ump called the batter out even though the player did not even have the ball!!! The ump did not even ask to see it. I remember the game last week where I thought Jeter was struck out. There were 2 pitches that were very close but it resulted in a run being walked in. Jeter gets those calls his entire career. I will say though that with the naked eye, I thought it was a tie with Tex and that it was a close play. But, with the freeze frame it is obviously a blown call. My final thought is that everyone in baseball knows the Yankees have been getting calls for years.

    • Wow!!! The umps are making up for it today. Can Yankee fans say with a straight face that the ball to Reynolds was a strike? That ball was at least 3 inches outside.

  • Two words Yanks fans, “Jeffrey Maier”…. we feel your pain. It’s payback time! Go O’s!

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