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VIDEO: Hoverboarder Graces Waters of the Allegheny Behind Pittsburgh’s PNC Park

  • Nicholas Persichilli

GIF: Marty McFly hoverboarding (Courtesy of: Tumblr)

Marty McFly is apparently not the only cool kid with a hoverboard anymore.  Earlier today, there was a person riding one in the Allegheny River behind Pittsburgh’s PNC Park during the game between the Cubs and Pirates.

This is pretty cool, and I’ll definitely be trying it! This hoverboard is powered by the water pump on a jet ski.  

We always see crazy people in kayaks in McCovey Cove behind AT&T Park in San Francisco, but they aren’t the only park with a body of water within feet of the back of the stadium. Watch as this daredevil floats high above the river and dives repeatedly into the water like a dolphin:

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