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VIDEO: Phillies Jimmy Rollins hits walk-off home run, “dedicates” it to heckler

  • David Whitlock

There’s no better feeling for a batter than to hit a walk-off home run to give your team the victory.  I stand corrected, it might be even better if you are able to “dedicate” the home run to a fan who had been heckling you during the at-bat.  Philadelphia Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins checked both those boxes, watch here as he lights up a Miami Marlins Dan Jennings offspeed pitch down the LF line (via


And when he knew he got it all, he made the “dedication”, check out this GIF (via Bleacher Report / Danger Guerrero):

Credit: Bleacher Report / Danger Guerrero

Credit: Bleacher Report / Danger Guerrero

According to, he was letting a heckling fan know that he didn’t appreciate the taunting.  The former National League MVP elaborated:

“There was some fan in the stands popping off,” Rollins said. “He was right behind our dugout, close enough to yell and piss me off, honestly. It was something pretty ignorant, but it worked.”

“I politely told him to shut the [abbreviated expletive] up,” Rollins told reporters. “I was locked and had some aggression. It just worked out I was able to tell him.”

Rollins would not disclose what the fan said, referring to the taunt as “just a dumb comment.” He claimed that he heard the fan at the beginning of his 10th-inning at-bat.

“He started chirping right after my first swing,” Rollins told reporters. “I wanted to do it right when he said it, but I still had an at-bat to get through.

“You hear it a lot. A lot of times you want to say something back. This time I was able to.”

Knowing the city that booed Santa Claus, I imagine it was a home fan giving him the business.  Rollins certainly made sure he gave it right back.

– David Whitlock

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2 Responses to VIDEO: Phillies Jimmy Rollins hits walk-off home run, “dedicates” it to heckler

  • Really??? You bring up booing of Santa Claus? That’s just lazy journalism to bring up something that happened 50 years ago. Plus, if you did your homework on the situation, you would have learned that they weren’t booing the Santa Claus, but a picture of someone that was on the float. But it’s just easier for you to say boo Santa Claus. Yea, great work.

    • David Whitlock

      Did you click on the link/video? With the kid being pelted by snowballs? Was meant to be more funny than damning.

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