WATCH: Jordy Mercer HR destroys woman’s beer

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The woman in blue with the beer is in for a surprise (Credit

The woman in blue with the beer is in for a surprise (Credit

Jordy Mercer hit a two run home run in the top of the fourth inning of this afternoon’s Pirates/Giants matchup. The shot gave the Pirates a 5-4 lead at the time, but that’s not where the excitement ends on this play. Watch as a woman inadvertently catches the ball in her full beer cup, soaking her and those around her in ice cold brew:

As the Pittsburgh announcers state, that’s an expensive home run ball. A beer at a ball park can be pretty expensive. The Pirates’ home stadium, PNC Park has pretty reasonable prices, so $7 or $8 is actually quite realistic had the Pirates been at home. I’ve never been to AT&T Park, but I imagine that prices in the Bay Area are a little higher than they are in Pittsburgh. My guess would be that her beer cost at least $10.

I’m sure that the destroyed beer was replaced by stadium staff as a customer service, but the back of every Major League ticket does state that by entering the stadium you assume some level of risk. If the stadium staff didn’t provide her with another beer, I’d like to think that the folks around her felt for her and purchased one of the kindness of their hearts.

The woman wasn’t wearing colors for either team, so it’s unclear if the Giants’ eventual 7-5 victory made her happy, sad or indifferent. It actually seamed like she might be a Dodgers fan as she was wearing a blue shirt with the number 42 on it, which was Jackie Robinson’s number. In any case, I hope that she was able to enjoy the rest of her day at the game.

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