WATCH: Jose Reyes Shows Off Rap Skills

  • Nicholas Persichilli

Now, it’s been awhile since I’ve taken any Spanish, but Blue Jays’ shortstop Jose Reyes has some serious flow.  I say this based solely on the rhythm and flow of his words.  Check him out courtesy of SportsNet Canada:

It also appears that he has been rapping for awhile.  Check out his music video from 2011 of what sounds like a longer version of the same song courtesy of Sunflower Entertainment:

Reyes flaunts expensive cars and jewelry, but unlike most rappers, he made his money on the ball field not in “the streets” or from record sales.

Let’s hope that he stays healthy and plays baseball as well as he can rap.  The Jays are going to need him to produce if they want to crawl out of the AL East’s cellar.

Nicholas Persichilli

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