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Yankees blame ALCS sweep on fans booing in the Bronx

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An unidentified Yankee blamed the ALCS sweep on the crowd booing them

I’m not sure what is worse, the Yankees bats, or their excuses now. First, Nick Swisher complained about the booing, now according to NYDailyNews’ John Harper, a Yankee player said privately that the booing really got the best of the players. Being booed at home is one thing, but how would this explain their putrid hitting on the road in Detroit then? Here is an excerpt from the from the unidentified Yankee player.

One Yankee players said privately after Game 4: “I really think the booing spooked a lot of guys. A lot of guys hadn’t been booed before, and they couldn’t believe how nasty it got in the stands.”

“A lot of guys were talking about it in the clubhouse,” he said. “I was surprised by how much it bothered them. I really don’t think they ever recovered.”

Alex Rodriguez also commented on the ugly Yankee playoff performance, but seemed like he was just defending himself.
“You can take one guy,’’ A-Rod said, referring to himself, “and say, ‘Let’s blame him, let’s get him, put the coffin on him, knock his ass out.’ But at the end of the day I felt the wind was sucked out of us the last two weeks.”
Is this the start of Armageddon in Yankee land?

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5 Responses to Yankees blame ALCS sweep on fans booing in the Bronx

  • swisher is a pussy–

  • All they had to do to stop the booing was hit .250. They deserved every single boo.

  • I feel that the fans weren’t booing the lack of production as much as the lack of emotion and care. When Joe G. first took over, the lack of emotion from the Torre Era stopped and the players became a team. Then they won a series and kind of said, “That’s enough. Let’s go back to being ‘cool’. Nothing irritates a fan more than a player going back to the dugout with a smile on his face after a SO. I am so sick of Swishers’ grin that I could chew nails. We haven’t had a dugout scene since Paulie left. You didn’t see him laugh and flirt with fans. He was all business and a water-cooler wrecking crew.

  • YANKEE FANS HAVE BECOME CLASSLESS,NAUSEATING,SPOILED CHILDREN.Any fan who boo’s their own is nothing but a selfish jackazz with no respect for the other fans,the players,the team or the city.Boo’ing demoralizes the players,yet the same a-holes who boo those players expect them to be loyal to the fans.HOW STUPID IS THAT?!??! The players have become completely cynical towards all Yankee fans because of your nauseating,barnyard behavior.
    THIS TEAM NEEDS TO LOSE – BIG TIME.Last place next year would be GREAT.Fans need their expectations to be completely torn down.MANAGEMENT needs to stop filling seats by signing old big name players.They need to fill the roster with young players and MAKE the fans develop the patience necessary to rebuild this team from the ground up.THEN we get another generation of great Yankees and FANS WHO APPRECIATE THEM.

  • Boo-hoo. So some Boo’s actually came from the Yankee fans and bothered the team. Listen up Yankee Players; “Grow the hell up. You should know that there is going to be booing in any sport, especially baseball. If you wanna cry and whine, then get out of the sport. As Tom Hanks said in a ‘League of their Own’; “Crying? There is no Crying in baseball!”

    Do you know why the fans booed you? Honestly? It’s because the team seemed like it didn’t care it was losing, and it upsets fans when they are paying over $50.00 to see your overpaid butts to simply sit back and be lazy and flirting with women in the crowd. Fans pay to see a good hard game of ball, not you socializing and looking for a booty call. It’s not rocket science to understand why the fans booed you all.

    Now, I have never been a Yankee’s fan, but as a baseball lover, you ruin and shame the name of the game with your high and mighty attitudes and whining about how your feelings were hurt.

    Grow up you ‘Peter Pans’ of baseball and un-tuck the balls between your legs.

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