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WATCH: Yankees/Red Sox Delayed By Bees

  • Nicholas Persichilli

20140318-160317.jpgCredit: ESPN

Yes, you read the title correctly. Today’s Grapefruit League matchup between the American League East rival Yankees and Red Sox was delayed for seven minutes in the bottom of the third inning.

A giant swarm of bees was found in the left field corner of George M. Steinbrenner Field. Red Sox left fielder Mike Carp informed the umpire crew who then ordered that the bees be taken care of before play resumed.

Yankees first baseman Mark Teixera made an attempt to save the day as he brought out two teddy bear jars of honey to possibly lure the bees away. I’m not really sure what his thought process was there, but check it out:

20140318-160600.jpgCredit: YES Network

Even more ridiculous, according to Pinstripe Alley, John Sterling, the ‘voice of the New York Yankees’, suggested that they throw beer on the bees so they get drunk and pass out.

The bees eventually buzzed off, but Yankees backup catcher Francisco Cervelli promptly hit the ball into the left field corner for a triple when play resumed. Carp was a bit hesitant to go after the ball for obvious reasons.

Check out the video (courtesy of MLB) to see what all of the buzz is about:

Luckily the bees weren’t as pesky and in players faces as those darn Lake Erie midges from Jacob’s Field in Cleveland during the 2007 playoffs. I don’t think Joba Chamberlain was ever the same after that incident. In case you forgot about those evil bugs, here is a refresher (courtesy of MLB):

With less than two weeks until the games count, be sure to check out Reading Between the Seams often and we’ll keep you up to date on all things baseball!

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