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Yasmani Grandal Makes MLB History (Video)

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A Major League ballplayer’s first hit is always special. When that first hit comes in the form of a home run, it makes it all the more special. Today, Yasmani Grandal accomplished something that no other MLB player has done in the history of the game. Grandal, of the San Diego Padres, homered for his first two MLB hits, each coming from opposite sides of the plate.

The first home run came from the right hand side of the plate in the fourth inning, off of a high fastball thrown by Colorado Rockies pitcher Christian Friedrich. The high blast traveled over the center field fence in impressive fashion. The second shot came in the sixth inning from the left side of the plate. Facing Jeremy Guthrie, Grandal took an outside changeup and lined it over the left field fence with what appeared to be relative ease. Both home runs brought a hush over the Coors Field crowd, as each gave the Padres the lead. The first shot was of the solo nature, giving the Padres a 1-0 lead. The second was a two-run homer that made the score 3-2. The San Diego Padres would go on to defeat the Colorado Rockies 8-4.




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  • We loved this kid in Tucson at AAA Padres & couldn’t be more proud of him. Way to go ‘young money’ We miss you mucho but will come visit in S.D.

  • Well its all down hill from here lol,But really what a great start to what we hope is a long and productive career,Tip of the hat to yah Grandal.

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