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Young Tigers Fan Snatches Home Run Ball (Video)

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As a young baseball fan, it’s every child’s dream to catch a batted ball at a Major League park. Young boys and girls can be seen walking towards “Big League”‘ parks with their baseball gloves in hand, as they move  stride by stride with their mother or father. With the ball cap of their favorite team covering the top of their heads, the young fans are ready to snatch a prized batted ball for the souvenir of a lifetime. For most of us, this dream is never realized, but for the very few, there is a memory of a lifetime waiting to happen. As we learn as we get older, preparation is the key to capitalizing on opportunities. Well, at Comerica Park on Tuesday night, this young Tigers fan was fully prepared. Sporting his ball cap and glove, this young fan gets his chance to capture a dream. Watch how this fellow snatches this home run ball before it falls into the bullpen. Check out the look on his face:

This was a heck of a fourth inning for this young fan and the Detroit Tigers. Earlier in the inning, while trailing 6-3, Brennan Boesch hit a solo blast to make the score 6-4. After Ramon Santiago singled, Austin Jackson stepped up and slapped this young fellow’s souvenir to tie the game at six. Unfortunately for the Tigers and their fans, Jackson’s home run was the last run they would score. The Tigers would go on to blow the game. The Minnesota Twins came away with a 8-6 victory.

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