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Red Sox win division, spell “won” wrong on shirts

  • Jason Whitney

The Boston Red Sox haven’t been in the playoffs since 2009, so in their defense, they probably are a bit rusty on their celebration routines. My guess is Big Papi is a tad bit rusty on his spelling and had an instrumental part in the tagline process of the celebratory shirts. Thus “Own” was placed on the shirts instead of “Won.”

I mean, are the Red Sox going to be splashing the champagne  if they win the first round of the playoffs otherwise known as the ALDS with “American League Dynasty Series” champs shirts? Jeez, what if they happen to make the World Series, would we see “We own the World” shirts?

Alright, jokes over, but do the Red Sox really own the American League East when the New York Yankees have won the division 13 out of the last 18 years? Slow down Boston, lets string together a few years of winning the division before you claim to “own it.”

Congrats idiots, from a Yanks fan!


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