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Report: Dwight Howard Had Replacements In Mind For Van Gundy Before Season Started

  • Santos

This awkward moment never would have happened if Dwight had his way.

It has already been well documented by Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy himself that his superstar Dwight Howard wanted him canned, but what he may not have known is that Howard already had replacements in mind for the coach before the season began.

According to a report, Dwight Howard had chosen two candidates to replace Van Gundy before the season began, Pacers assistant Brian Shaw and Warriors assistant Mike Malone. There is an even further connection to Malone and the Magic; his father, Brendon already serves on Van Gundy’s staff as an assistant.

It is interesting that since this point, it has been speculated that Howard now has control over the fate of Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith. Maybe the team wasn’t quite as desperate in the preseason to retain Howard at any cost. I am sure both of those guys would be interested in some capacity to come to Orlando this off season if Howard gets his wish and Van Gundy suffers the same fate as he did in Miami, being canned over a game of politics.


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4 Responses to Report: Dwight Howard Had Replacements In Mind For Van Gundy Before Season Started

  • If I was so lucky to be a billionaire and had to deal with my wishy washy mega-star of my team like this Dwight Howard and there was no chance to keep him long term I would demand of my coaches and fans that I had no other choice but to pay the man for the remainder of his contract but he would never leave the bench ever as my payment back to him for the $100 million I had invested already that my choice would be dude Mr Howard you just missed out on one of your prime seasons doing nothing but collecting tired old butt symdrone sitting collecting big check sitting on bench plane whatever but sitting losing career year never to get back your stats.Please owners if more of you step up and do this the fans would support you in the long run as maybe these big babies might grow up

  • I agree ^^

  • I’m tiring quickly of the team mutiny’s in professional sports. Let Alex identify which members are aligned with Dwight, and trade em’ ! All of em’! Send the damn’ prima Donna’s on their way and have Otis carry their luggage. To repeat: Dump em’ all ! I do hope that VW and RA aren’t among Dwights backers ? Let’s just reload. I guess the ego’s on the team can’t stand repetitious truths. The team plays defense like it’s a pick-up game. Personally, I will boycott all of professional basketball if it gets much worse. I enjoy the sport, but I don’t
    need it.

  • I heartily agree ! How ungrateful can you be for all that has been invested in Dwight . Then , when it all comes together and he can play , he wants to leave !!

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