REPORT: Geno Smith being out of shape untrue?

Geno Smith OTAs

(Credit: Bloguin)

NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger reported that New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith looked out of shape and was lagging behind in sprints during training camp Monday. According to several tweets from other observers, however, this report may not be accurate, as no one else happened to mention it. While all watching agreed that Smith looked good throwing the ball, Baldinger is the only one that reported about Smith’s apparent lack of conditioning.

Take a look at a couple tweets below that contradict Baldinger one hundred percent:


Only time will tell what the truth is here, but I’d have to imagine that if his conditioning was actually a big issue, more than one person covering Jets camp would have said something about it. With pre-season looming around the corner, we’ll all be able to see for ourselves once Geno Smith takes the field.

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